Bluejay Logo

Bondurant-Farrar is the HOME of the BLUEJAYS. On this page are the official Bluejay logos.
This is the ONLY Bluejay and logo to be used on any B-F materials and garments. All other Bluejays are being eliminated.
Some of the more expensive signage will be phased out over time. Whenever a Bluejay or logo is used this is the ONLY Bluejay or logo to be used.
This gives our school consistency and professionalism.


Color Bluejay
This newly updated Bluejayis the ONLY Bluejay to be used on signage, print materials and garments. If aBluejay is to be used, only the official Bluejay can be used. It is no longer acceptable to use a Bluejayfrom other sources.Wearables do not have to use a Bluejay; but when aBluejay is present, it must be the official, approvedBluejay.




BlueJay Right

As a variation, we have the option to use just the head of the Bluejay. It can be used alone or with words Bluejays, Lady Jays, JAYS. Other variations are Bluejay Golf, Bluejay Baseball, Bluejay Football, Bluejay Softball, B-F Speech, B-F Band, B-F Dance, etc.




BlueJay Logo

This logo replaces the circle BF, which is being phased out as letterhead and other materials come up for reprint. This logo may also be used on garments, helmets, posters, etc.




The Activities Director will address questions or concerns about appropriate use.

His email is